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for foodies,
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OLALA! is turning the tide of alternative seafood. Cooked up by a passionate international foodie team, OLALA! mixes flavor fanatics, researchers, and chefs to develop plant-based food that doesn’t just satiate – but inspires, excites, and surprises your tastebuds. Not just for vegans or vegetarians, but for all who believe in taking charge one bite at a time.

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Do good by eating great

Why do only one thing?


If we don't radically reduce overfishing, there won't be any fish left in the ocean by 2050.


Of the oxygen we breathe comes from the ocean, making preserving our oceans key for fighting climate change.


Of fish stocks are either fully exploited or overfished.

We’re building a new category of natural, sustainable, healthy, and most importantly, delicious, plant-based options that have a carbon footprint up to 11 times lower than that of traditional fish. So you can have your fish and eat it, too.

algae is our
secret ingredient

We've only skimmed the surface of the benefits that micro- and macro-algae provide in food. This table-turning resource packs an exceptional nutritional profile, which is why we believe it will be an amazing resource to meet the needs of human nutrition in the decades to come.
Algae is part of our DNA, and while we don't have as much as we would want in our product at the moment, we collaborating with a bunch of people, start-ups, and researchers in Europe to leverage the maximum benefits of this beautiful resource. Watch this space as we continue to roll out more algae in our products very soon!

Netting a
better future

The seafood we've imagined is just the first step in tomorrow's culinary revolution.

And because it's only by working together that we can go faster and further, OLALA! decided from day one to support and encourage two associations that share our values and our desire to swim against the current.

We decided to support BlueObserver, an oceanographic platform aiming to develop innovative projects to better understand, decarbonize and protect the oceans. They take action by exploring the world's oceans, in particular little-studied maritime zones, using their specialized sailboat. Their aim is to better understand how the oceans work and monitor their preservation, by collaborating with scientists and collecting valuable data.
OLALA! has joined WWF France's Club Entreprendre pour la Planète for the Mediterranean project. This project expresses itself through the fight against ghost nets, the study of local species and the development of sustainable fishing. A sponsorship alongside committed companies, to preserve the environment and the richness of the Mediterranean Sea.

The icing on the cake: we're super proud to have been awarded Pending B-Corp certification for OLALA! in November 2022! Proof and reward of our company's social, societal and environmental commitments. Of course, this is just the beginning, and we're keen to raise the bar even higher and continue to increase our standards and commitments.

ooh la la - olala - olala foods - olalafoods - olala! - ohlala - olala ! - eco friendly - sustainable development - sustainable food - vegan food
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